And unfortunately one engine broke down

3 Aug





Stimulation and completion united with food!

31 Jul

First of all I want to congratulate to my dear partner Yolanda for her promotion and her support for this team building :). Well it was a very very right time since our boss was not around and we could celebrate! Since she is an SMS so she is part of stimulation and part of  completion so everybody is invited. There was not too many people around, it was busy time for both segment actually but at least I was there woohoo.

Love between the zone, happy wedding dear Putri!

1 Jul
I made it to come to my very very bestfriend wedding. It was a never ending journey and a worth to try battle. I was informed by my boss to depart to the rig on Saturday. It was not a big shocking news anyway, but I was hoping that the job was going to be delayed (yes, it is delayed from todays info hihihi). My friend Yolly was so generous offering her time to go to the rig, yeeeey I love you yolly (psst we had an agreement actually that last weekend will be mine and next weekend will be hers). Ok, I planed to sneak out from Balikpapan (I am sorry boss).

As me and my fiance tried so hard to book the ticket, it failed, garuda, lion all were fully booked due to school vacation and a conference, crap! I was on waiting list for the whole saturday afternoon and finally got a ticket at 17.30 with a high price uhoh! buuut the cutest things is I got 15% off by using a credit card (I should have known it a long time ago). Departed from Balikpapan at 17.30, arrived Jakarta at 19.00. My fiancee picked me up at the airport and we went straight to the Mall hihihihi. Jakarta big sale, I shouldn’t miss it :). After buying one pair of high heels (excited!), we went to Bandung. A glass of starbucks coffee accompanied us driving along way to Bandung. Two hours driving wasn’t too long and we arrived at my house. My mom was still awake waiting for us, we had a little chit chat for a while and then sleeping.

Next morning, we needed to go to Akad Nikah at 08.00. I was so sleepy after my long trip and I could not wake up for make up. So I went there with a plain hair and simple make up. Nobody knew that I was coming, my besties Putri was very shocked that I made it. Don’t burst into tears my friend! hihihihi The ceremony was taken out using Javanese traditional outfit. She wore white kebaya (pretty dress) and we wore blue -supposed to be kebaya- outfit. The ceremony went well and everybody was holding their breath during the commenced. There was about 1 hour coffee break, so I took that tght time to dress up. I went to salloon to pull up my hair a little bit and did some retouch on the make up :), my fiancee changed his outfit too (to a black suit, handsome!). I made it on time just before the party. For the party, the bride and the groom changed into Minangnese outfit, red all over the place.

Fine city nearby, arrival day.

29 Mar

Only 1.5 hours flight from Jakarta, and it was totally different place. We went to Singapore for weekend gateaway 🙂 Actually, my boss suddenly said, ok Soraya go for vacation after this job about one week. I was like ooow ooooww huge thaaaaaaanks boss. Since my sister really wanted to watch the lion king show ( she was even said, if i did not have a companion to watch it, at least i would watch disney on ice in Jakarta), so we made a plan to go there. I booked a flight from Jakarta to Singapore on Saturday (new cc woohoo!) well, it was an expensive one though, damn it! we shoud have bought th cheaper one if the plan was like 2 weeks ago. So, there were me, my fiance (hihihihi), and my sister. We tried to have another partner to come but then, the schedule was too tight and everybody was cancled, but still we had so much fun.

Arrived at 10.00 Singapore time (which is also Balikpapan time) terminal 1, we tried to find the MRT to buy the EZ-link card for my fiance. Amazed with the so well and so tidy, my fiance went silly hihihi. We took a taxi to my cousin house near Bedok (whereever it was i didnot know), and we found the apartment (my sister was so goood on remembering places). Met all the cute nephews, they called us Om and Tantes (plural) hahhha, they were so adoralble I will post their picture later. And after a small chitchat and little briyani rice, we were so ready for Orchard road 🙂

I miss u like the desert misses the rain

11 Mar

This is a nice quote that I found last night during my “night shift” after the safety alert at the Rig. Yes, I miss you so much, I realize that day by day made me even miss u more. I dont like the time when we are at the airport trying to say “see you later”. I really love when you flew to mine just for less than 24 hours to catch up a lot of missing time together. I hope our day will come out soon.

I live my life for you – Firehouse

5 Mar

You know you’re everything to me. And I could never see, the two of us apart. And you know I give myself to you. And no matter what you do, I promise you my heart.

I’ve built my world around you and I want you to know. I need you, like I’ve never needed anyone before.

I live my life for you. I want to be by your side in everything that you do. And if there’s only one thing you can believe is true. I live my life for you.

I dedicate my life to you. You know that I would die for you. But our love would last forever. And I will always be with you. And there is nothing we can’t do. As long as we’re together.

I just cant live without you, and I want you to know. I need you like I’ve never needed anyone before.

New toy – FUJI instax

4 Mar

My twin sister got a present from her boyfriend, a FUJI instax mini that we adore so much (I want to steal it from her, psssst). It is really fuuuuuuuuuun!! Love, please buy me one (finger crossed) hihihihi.