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Crazy Party Part 2.

24 Dec

campur-aduk-16131 Remembering those days.

 Waiting for the second one.

 Pretending it was another dimension.

We used to have a party (k.a crazy party) since junior highschool. The party was held after graduation. First one was when we graduated from junior highschool and the second was after high school graduation. And now we plan to organize the third one, but it is not as simple as the other two. We were seperated a lot, with time, distance, and money (hahahha). I really hope we can make it someday. 

Changing Phenomena

20 Dec







I am pretty bored with may room now. It is quite lame, unpolished, and empty. So I started to think to rearrange the furniture first which I had done a couple months ago. Now it is time to make it alive. Changing wall color, I have dreamt about it since forever. These colors are inspired me a lot. I like lil bit red, pink, and purple. I am going to paint only half, and I will put my wall of fame photo there. Wish me luck 😉

Rumbai at Glance: Sneak Peek

20 Dec


For those I miss so much

My Recent Job

17 Dec

What I really love about working in FTI is that I always have something to eat.. =)


Cerita dimulai ketika panggilan pekerjaanku tertunda akibat krisis global ini. Jadilah saya pengangguran sementara di rumah.. Kerjaan rutin bisa dibilang menyampah sana sini, yaitu: bangun saat sholat duha pada jam 9 paling cepat kalau tidak ada aral melintang, kemudian I ended up at FACEBOOK, adooowh tu website memang addict banget dah, apalagi games2nya yang seru, dan tak lupa pacar saya datang setiap hari setelah kuliah.. Nah oleh sebab itu tak heran berat badan naik sesuai dengan inflasi yang terjadi di Indonesia tahun 1997 silam Hehhehhe..


Jadi saya memutuskan, datang ke FTI, dengan tampang memelas, saya bertanya ke dosen pembimbing aka dekan FTI. “Pak’e Pak’e adakah kerjaan yang bisa saya bantu sembari menunggu keberangkatan?” dan Pak’e menjawab, “Oh tentu ada, sini bantuin kerjaan saya yang tertunda saja, kamu dateng Senin depan yaaa”.. Yippppiieee.. Senang gembira sekaligus malas, saya memikirka hari Senin akan bekerja 9 to 5, Oh..ohh..ohh..


Hari Senin


Akibat kebiasaan buruk saya bagun siang (tidak patut ditiru bagi anak gadis), saya datang jam 10 waktu Cisitu Indah VI, tetapi oh tetapi jam FTI menunjukan 10.15.. Waaah awal yang buruk dalam hati saya. Kebetulan ketika saya datang Pak’e ada diruangan Kemudian saya dihadapkan dengan data setinggi Kobe Bryant, dan seberdebu letupan gunung merapi. Tapi inget kata Jods yang dikutip dari Papa T Bob Marley, Everything gonna be alright!! Hehhehe,, mulailah saya bekerja seperti siput.. Selembar demi selembar, sekuintal demi kuintal, serim demi serim hahhaha Ga beres-beres.. Pucing aku..Pucing akuu,,


Dan tibalah waktu makan siang: Menu hari ini adalah Nasi + Ayam Goreng + Lalapan


Kenyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang, setelah makan itu saya mulai bersemangat, saya ambil hard disk external dari tas, colokan ke toshiba portege Pak’e and start to read CONAN COMIC (thanks to Ratih) Hahhaha bener-bener makan gaji buta tampaknya..


Nah untuk hari-hari berikutnya keadaan perkatoran (cieeeeh) tetap sama seperti biasa, dikelilingi oleh gosip-gosip seputar dosen yang tak sengaja terdengar, the botol sosro after luch time dan lalu lalang pegawai dengan pakaian dinas gawol hehehehe..


Yang berbeda hanya satu, yaitu MENU MAKAN SIANG


Day 2: Masakan Sunda

Day 3: Hoka-Hoka Bento

Day 4: Nasi + Pepes Ikan + Ikan Goreng + Pepes Tahu

Day 5: Masakan Padang, I love it loving it

Day 6: Nasi + Sate Ayam + Bumbu Kacang

Day 7: Nasi + Beef Teriyaki + Soup + Capcay Tofu

Dan Menu lainnya yang saya lupakan..


Hehehhehe.. Isnt it Coooool.. 😉


Pepper Lunch Time

17 Dec


This is me and my bucha monthly slizzing dishes. It tastes great, fully loaded, spicy, and salty. Pepper Lunch is located at PVJ, in the outdoor floor, across the Crocs. I love chicken pepper rice for sure, because it is cheap enough among others and I really into chicken. My bucha usually order different menu in our visit, but I recognized he love beef pepper rice due to the amount of the rice. It could made him easyly got sleep after that : I can guarantee he likes it so much after all.. And I suggest to try GORAMITSU (spell), its vanilla ice cream with caramello topping, soooo yummy slruuuup =)

Here Comes The Golden Era

16 Dec

Or I should said the forbidden-to-published age. I was shocked lately bacause of my bestie just uploaded my ashamed picture. Well some people said that highschool is the golden age but it clearly was not for me. I was tanned (lol), fat ass, chubby, and yet had dry hair. No wonder I was not become the high potential girl to marry ever at that time..Hahhaha It is kinda funny tho.. Since I lived in a village which always be 38oC all day, the heat comes from the up down inside the earth due to the mineral inside of it. And I love loved loved loved riding a motorcycle at noon, isn’t that insane? Well maybe for some of you its quite ok, but I have a really easy-to-tan skin. And unfortunately I didn’t realize until I saw this picture now.. mi gosh..Hahhahaha

party of five: senior year

long hair for high school beib

women in black

We did not know how to "KISS" yet

Well, there are so much silly pictures more and I had put it inside a box with a sign: DO NOT OPEN or I WILL KILL YOU

s n i c k e r s: as sweet as friendship

14 Dec

I just read an article or lets called a simple story about my childhood moment. I read it in my bestie’s blog.. We have been friend since 20th century.. Her name is Dinna, she also has twin sister, Dilla, just like me. Our life was in small city near Pekanbaru, called Rumbai..

The story is about our GANK, Snicker, LOL, funny huh.. It was based on our favorite chocollate, which is sold in Commisary. Our gank consist of 6 other girl: Zia, Dinna, Dilla, Lasti, Muthia, and Dita. We created this gank when we were in elementary school, grade 6 (as I remembered). We loved to spend our time just hanging around in Dinna & Dilla’s house, watching sinetron, or riding a bike. It was cool tho because we really built our friendship wisely..

I remebered, Dinna and I used to love climb the cherry’s tree. Then we took a lil break  at top of the house.. Took a lil chit chat about school, boys, you know its teenager thingy, scared about junior highschool.. I kinda missed that moment, I missed Rumbai for sure!!!

And now 2008, We grown up, we were in university now, and we changed from lil black kids to smart beautiful young lady..Huuuhuuuuy..

I am so glad I had grown up in RUMBAI =)

PS: you guys should see Dinna’s Blog about snicker’s article..Its amazing