The Unusual D.O.S.E =)

3 Dec
  • I woke up late..sampe suara mama treak2 dulu baru bangun, atau sampe si alfan datang menjemput..Hahhahaha same on me right,, tapi gimana lagi, ga ada hasrat untuk bangun pagi ahahhaha..
  • I have been watching tv series lately.. Yang dahulu kala ketika masih dibebani kuliah jarang dilakukan.. Coba, 90210 lewat, Gossip Girl lewat, Greys lewat,,
  • I have been buying a lot of original (crossed my finger I lied) DVD.. Ahahhahaa jadi langganan tetap movie room dah, sayang HSM 3 belom keluar2, I’m so addicted to Troy Bolton.. He is so DAMN cool..
  • I ate peper lunch a lot.. Mahal siiiih, jadi paling nabung dulu, makan dirumah seminggu, trus baru jajan.. Try caramel ice cream, its gooood..
  • I ate sop kaki kambing less.. Why? Because I am not so into kambing, so I prefer to choose the sapi one..But you know what, from all of the red meat in the world, sapi contains much much much more calori, fat, everything.. It two times higher than kambing..OOOh I better get rid of it immediately.
  • I use make up everywhere..Hhehehe it is only light, a lil blush on, and lil eyeliner.. Its funny thobut I enjoyed it..
  • I spent my whole day in facebook, not yahoo messanger.
  • I do not spend my money for chlotes anymore for god sake.. Its amazing right..

One Response to “The Unusual D.O.S.E =)”

  1. asthary December 3, 2008 at 1:32 pm #

    yayayayayaayayya udah kublogroll yah.. hihihihi

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