FISHEYE -lomography

14 Dec


13Did you remember last time you use rolled film? Or last time you pose best at camera cause its only 36 Or last time you wait more than one day to see the picture? Well mine its about 5 months ago.. I bought a lomo at aksara Kemang, I had wanted one badly.. I once had bought frogeye lomo for my sister, but since it is good for taking picture inside water, we are not use it frequently. Then after a long term hunting lomo, store to store, which I am so freak out to have one, I finally had FISHEYE!! Yiipppiiie.. Eventhough I dream about having supersampler, or maybe oktomat, FISHEYE rocks too!!

Its cost about IDR 500, It was quite the same if you order online.. I have a lil tips for you guys.. To have a good picture from FISHEYE:

1. Use film rolled asa 100, 200, or 400.

2. DO NOT take a picture inside building eventhough the building provides a lot of light

3.Take a picture at noon, it produces great picture, great color.

   Or when the sun comes, or comes shy..HAHHAHA..If it is rainy day, use flash light.

4.Since it is FISHEYE, take picture of you closer, about 10cm from the object.

   See the object through the front lens, I do not suggest to see from view finder..

5. Explore pose

6. Use FISHEYE trough bottle or glass. It gives more FISHEYE.

7. GOOD LUCK, xoxo

One Response to “FISHEYE -lomography”

  1. justhanna December 14, 2008 at 4:23 pm #

    yayaa, it’s so cool! while my “sleeping beauty” oktomat is still in neatly wrapped its box. hihihi.

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