s n i c k e r s: as sweet as friendship

14 Dec

I just read an article or lets called a simple story about my childhood moment. I read it in my bestie’s blog.. We have been friend since 20th century.. Her name is Dinna, she also has twin sister, Dilla, just like me. Our life was in small city near Pekanbaru, called Rumbai..

The story is about our GANK, Snicker, LOL, funny huh.. It was based on our favorite chocollate, which is sold in Commisary. Our gank consist of 6 other girl: Zia, Dinna, Dilla, Lasti, Muthia, and Dita. We created this gank when we were in elementary school, grade 6 (as I remembered). We loved to spend our time just hanging around in Dinna & Dilla’s house, watching sinetron, or riding a bike. It was cool tho because we really built our friendship wisely..

I remebered, Dinna and I used to love climb the cherry’s tree. Then we took a lil break  at top of the house.. Took a lil chit chat about school, boys, you know its teenager thingy, scared about junior highschool.. I kinda missed that moment, I missed Rumbai for sure!!!

And now 2008, We grown up, we were in university now, and we changed from lil black kids to smart beautiful young lady..Huuuhuuuuy..

I am so glad I had grown up in RUMBAI =)

PS: you guys should see Dinna’s Blog about snicker’s article..Its amazing


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