Here Comes The Golden Era

16 Dec

Or I should said the forbidden-to-published age. I was shocked lately bacause of my bestie just uploaded my ashamed picture. Well some people said that highschool is the golden age but it clearly was not for me. I was tanned (lol), fat ass, chubby, and yet had dry hair. No wonder I was not become the high potential girl to marry ever at that time..Hahhaha It is kinda funny tho.. Since I lived in a village which always be 38oC all day, the heat comes from the up down inside the earth due to the mineral inside of it. And I love loved loved loved riding a motorcycle at noon, isn’t that insane? Well maybe for some of you its quite ok, but I have a really easy-to-tan skin. And unfortunately I didn’t realize until I saw this picture now.. mi gosh..Hahhahaha

party of five: senior year

long hair for high school beib

women in black

We did not know how to "KISS" yet

Well, there are so much silly pictures more and I had put it inside a box with a sign: DO NOT OPEN or I WILL KILL YOU


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