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To my dearest friend and thanks to Smilebox

27 Jan

My BFF, Uti, had just gone to Angola for undecided time. She went there last Saturday and had just informed in Thursday. I was shocked tho because She said April was the fastest month of her assigment. Suddenly she just went to work this month, OMG. And I had not enough time to make my last gift before her departured. So, I am so thankful to, which give an amazing-easy to make-solution. It is how to make an online scrapbook. I made her a one year calender with its notes, so she can write down her daily adventure there.




I am expecting to see her in October, she said she will be in Indonesia. Wooo hoooo.

Indonesia Best Costume : BATIK and KEBAYA

27 Jan

Yippieee this holiday, I went to Solo and Jogja, thanks to chinese Nu Year.. My family and I went there for  3 days. 20 hours driving, 30 hours sleeping, and 40 hours SHOPPING. And of course Batik, since Solo and Jogja had produced those cool clothes decades ago. Years by years the design had become very very fasionable and up to date. I just figured it out this year that Batik not always about Batik Keris, Batik Semar, or Danar Hadi. In Kecamatan Laweyan, there are many shops along the street. I did my shopping thingy in this shop about 2 hours non stop, trying almost each of its products (lebay mode: HIDUP)


This one is for formal occasion, loose tshirt is my favorite meng 😉



or this type: kebaya encim, so oldies but catchy. Also another innovation, kebaya-kimono model, I do not really like the color tho, i prefere to be shocking purple or pink, that purple is too soft.




Gift for L.O.V.E : madebygirl

23 Jan


I just found this blog when I worked yesterday. Check this out madebygirl. It comes up for an inspiration on the upcoming valentine’s day, anniversary, or maybe just for fun tho. I am totally bored with the scrapbooking idea, and these one is brilliant. It is easy, simple, and lovely. Just pick some of your crayons, a paper, and tadaaaaaaa.. DONE .. or just with a simple cup of milk, I could relax on my laptop, pick a font and type it down.. *kiss kiss

a lot more deeper feelings : deeply madly in love






9 Jan


I am going to Rumbai asap. Thanks to NPWP which I should made before work. HUHUUUY..Well I already plan my day in rumbai. Lets just say I will arrive there Tue 13 (hopefully) then I will check in my cousin’s house.. They live in Sawit Camp, far enough but I am so greatful because their kids are adorable. And since my bff, Lasti is in Rumbai nowadays, we are going to rock the town.

1. She already bring her tripod so my job is: bring the SLR


3. Call for ilfi and endo: Ahaaaaay, they gonna treat us like a princess.


I am sooooo readyyyy to come back home *Kiss kiss