Indonesia Best Costume : BATIK and KEBAYA

27 Jan

Yippieee this holiday, I went to Solo and Jogja, thanks to chinese Nu Year.. My family and I went there for  3 days. 20 hours driving, 30 hours sleeping, and 40 hours SHOPPING. And of course Batik, since Solo and Jogja had produced those cool clothes decades ago. Years by years the design had become very very fasionable and up to date. I just figured it out this year that Batik not always about Batik Keris, Batik Semar, or Danar Hadi. In Kecamatan Laweyan, there are many shops along the street. I did my shopping thingy in this shop about 2 hours non stop, trying almost each of its products (lebay mode: HIDUP)


This one is for formal occasion, loose tshirt is my favorite meng 😉



or this type: kebaya encim, so oldies but catchy. Also another innovation, kebaya-kimono model, I do not really like the color tho, i prefere to be shocking purple or pink, that purple is too soft.





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