A faith nor A Bad Luck

12 Mar

I don’t know what should I call my life lately. A faith? A bad luck? I have passed every comprehensive exam this year. One, I was the attendant of the exam, it was July 2008. Second, was in October 2008, some of my friend did the exam. And last March 2009, yesterday was my bf’s exam. Although I have already signed a contract to a blue company since October, I didn’t move away tho. Yeah, since the global crisis, every company turns worst and I get delayed all the time. I am just here, here, here, at the campus, watching life goes by. Too much waiting.

A quote says “When u already admit your career in BLUE, you also have  sold your soul to them”

Friends of mine keep cheer me up .

“I believe that life is such a sinusoid graph, once u were high, once u were down, it is just a cycle”, someone said. Maybe it is true. After all I have been tru, I always get lucky. Passed UAN, joined Che in ITB, passed comprehensive exam, and many lucky things. I hope that this unlucky phase will blown away soon and I can persue my career in that blue coverall. star


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