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A trip near Jakarta

15 Apr


Last weekend when it was supposed to be an election day, I went to Karawaci to visit my nephews. It was an 1 hour car trip from Slipi. By the time I got there I was very very shocked, because I felt like I was in lil Singapore 🙂 Not because the people HAHAHAA but because the view. The building and the environment were friendly 😉 and they have their own Debenhams OMG. My family and I also went to UPH. There were a student election for miss UPH, so the banner were everywhere. They also have a swimming pool at the roof top, isnt it cool!! I hadnt look building by building because the weather was hot! and I wore a stupid jacket. We also visited the bookstore called times, it was such a lil Border (again).  Here some best shots at UPH’s garden and bookstore. Believe me that school was amazing but yet expensive (no wonder) 😉


PS: My nephew (aka Kanya) and I plan to go to Spore this April 😉 IKEA here we come