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The arrival day (Singapore)

30 Apr

My family and I arrived at the Changi airport (not to mention that we arrived at budget terminal) at 7 pm. We used tiger airways to go to Spore, it is a cheap airplane similar to airasia. I have no experience in using airasia, but in my opinion the tiger is way much better, cause we got the seat number. The airplane ticket cost only +/- IDR 1.000.000 (two ways), it is cheaper then the ticket to Bali. Then we went to the hotel on the Balestier road, Value Hotel Balestier (Sing. $109/night/3 persons). It was already night when we got there, so I got a lil rest then went to Mustafa centre. Four of us went there since the taxi in SPore only could accomodate 4 persons. We ate Prata (indian curry lamb), it was delicious, I never like lamb in my life, but the cooking was good enough so I could not smell the lamb. You should try plain prata and prata with egg. Then we did a lil shopping at Mustafa Shopping Centre (24 hours). It was chaos there, the stuff was everywhere from groceries to chocolate, shoes to chlotes, games to electronic, it was damned complete. About at midnight we went home coz tomorrow we will do another shopping spree.