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The babysitting day (Singapore)

16 May


We went to zoo early morning, by MRT followed by Taxi. We spent there about half day baby sitting. It was fun tho, even the sun was too hot out there. We went through the mammal, snakes, zebras, girraffes, monkeys, bears, and birds. After that we went to the hotel and got ready for Singapore flyer. Spore flyer were just ready to ride last year. We could see Indonesia and Malaysia from up above. It took half an hour to make 1 cycle. Just take a look this shots.


Shopping day (Singapore)

1 May


Well, here comes the shopping day. We went to IKEA at Alexandra road by bus. It was like a heaven for room decorating. I dream of having all of IKEA furniture someday and hope IKEA will be in Indonesia soon. Then we went to Vivo city, a mall near harbour front.  There was a blue whale exibition there held by national geography. It was big big big whale even if it was just a baby. What so interesting about Vivo city was the marina view since it is near the harbour. They also have a playground for kids where kids could play in fountain and the rest is just like other mall. After lunch we were heading to Esplanade to meet my parents. We took picture every where trough the bay and merlion statue (cliche). It was a long journey, so we decided to have a supper at orchard road.