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We Named it Adiraya_

21 Sep


After joining Schlumberger for only 2 weeks, I went to Acid job in Serang for CVX. We use Adiraya Barge for all of our equipment. We worked in deep blue sea, as far as I could see it was only ocean and the waves. Thank God, sometimes there were dolphins, but what I was sad about, even the dolphin have a family in this deep blue sea HAHAHAHA. I stayed there for 3 weeks, indeed 3 weeks as the only girl in the barges. It was good tho because I could get whatever food I wanted to.


At night me and my mentor were usually have a quality time in professional way (remember Seroja, Mawar, and Melati mas Agus) Hahahhaa. I met one Halliburton guy there, Tito V III. He was so funny, his name was a heritage from his grandfather. He said that he will give his child name Tito V IV and for the his grandson Tito V V. Oh my God, he was so silly.  And the good thing is I am goingback to CVX  job. Maybe I will meet him there.

We called it Aquaria_

19 Sep


Aquaria Barge, place where we worked, where we put our equipment, where we put our chemical, or lets call a place that we lived. I stayed there for 3 weeks doing Total High Rate Water Pack Job for HL-272 and HQ-356. It was sooo fun being there, the team was absolutely amazing. I tried to learn a lot there. What we have been doing there was we pump fluid and proppant (sand) to well in order to control the sand production from the formation.


Our teaaaaam, They were so silly. I remember once when we were mixing HEC fluid for the treatment, I was the one who in charge for QA/QC the fluid. I tested for the viscosity and pH. The pH should be exact to make the fluid fully hydrated. Then someday, the pH meter wont work as it should be. I came from an idea to open the battery case, and suddenly the battery was popped out and disappeare. DAAAAAAAAAAMNNNN I was very very shocked. I was on the top of the tank, and what I was thinking that time that the battery was drawn to the fluid inside huahuahua.. Everybody was laughing when they saw my face. I put innocent face of course :). I ran out to the engineer which was Septiandi, and he save my life. Well, actually the KARCE CALCULATOR SAVE OUR LIVE, yippieeeeeeee.. Soo much silly action that we have been through. I miss people there, I miss them a lot..