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We Named it Adiraya_

21 Sep


After joining Schlumberger for only 2 weeks, I went to Acid job in Serang for CVX. We use Adiraya Barge for all of our equipment. We worked in deep blue sea, as far as I could see it was only ocean and the waves. Thank God, sometimes there were dolphins, but what I was sad about, even the dolphin have a family in this deep blue sea HAHAHAHA. I stayed there for 3 weeks, indeed 3 weeks as the only girl in the barges. It was good tho because I could get whatever food I wanted to.


At night me and my mentor were usually have a quality time in professional way (remember Seroja, Mawar, and Melati mas Agus) Hahahhaa. I met one Halliburton guy there, Tito V III. He was so funny, his name was a heritage from his grandfather. He said that he will give his child name Tito V IV and for the his grandson Tito V V. Oh my God, he was so silly.  And the good thing is I am goingback to CVX  job. Maybe I will meet him there.