Back to you, Abu Dhabi

31 Oct


Hi Abu Dhabi, it seems like I have not finish exploring you, so I have to go back. Hopefully I will stay for 2 months to attend OS-stim school. Its quite tough tho, I have to survive from this kinda working training thingy. Or just say I have to study instead of chatting all over jajajjaa. I live in Blue tower, Slb rental apartment, in room number 1002A. I live with my classmate, Alma, she comes from Texas, US, but she is mexican. We get along very close to each other, share gossip, silly thing, and even we do have “fracturing” jokes for God sake. Here is a view from our “lame” apartment. It is surrounding by rocks houses just like the old flinstone houses jajajaja. They have a nice car, you can see lamborghini is parked on the street. I wonder how could they be so rich after all.


Since our lovely duppy Blue Tower apartment is miles away from MLC, we have to get up early, and always save by the adzan, I always got up early. We have to take for approximately one hour to MLC, we call it, our high quality nap time. Just bring your up to date-brand new style- sun glasses, neck pillow, and ipod, you will be save for one hour. After 3 turn, 18 traffic lights, high way, and 80 km/hour riding a bus, I finally arrive at MLC. First thing to do is go to your class room, lock your laptop if you dont wanna get trouble, and go to canteen yipppieee. The food is not too bad actually, I just confused why people hate it so much. They have a croissant which is my favorite, orange juice which is also my favorite hahhaa, so I know now why I dont mind with the food.

In our first day, there was a silly thing happened. We went to MLC by NTC taxi, special order for us since there was no enough bus. I went there with my class mate who is Alma, Ylide from Mexico, and Daniel from Mexico. We arrived early -coz we took taxi-, we went through all the hall, our class is 226 which is on the backside af the MLC, and suddenly the fire alarm rang. riiing…riiiing..riiing.. We were shocked and yet laugh because our class like 1 meter away. We had no idea where to go, we just followed an old man walked through MLC. We arrived at the muster point and found out place to stand. Then, someone said it just a fire drill, oooh holly crap now we have to walk all over again jajjajajja. It was silly tho ๐Ÿ™‚ And I found two my indonesian friend yippie, I could speak bahasa then :).



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  1. batari October 31, 2009 at 2:49 pm #

    tampak menyenangkan ๐Ÿ™‚

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