I should stop stealing orange from MLC

6 Nov


Ok, this is what me and my roomate always do. We go for lunch, eat all of the lamb and briyani things that they are served. Then stealing the fruits especially ORANGE jajjjaajja. On our first day, we bought a grocery in al-Falah plaza, we bought a bunch of fruit, orange, banana, and apple. Why? We want to live such a healthy way in this dessert. After a few day, we realize that we can get the fruit from our canteen in MLC, yippiii, save the money for shopping. Since we always take the orange everyday, we feel like we have an orange farm in our kitchen. Unfortunately is not as easy as the way it should be, we cant resist doritos with cheez flavor, candy, kitkat, snickers, pepsi, subway, and of course mie goreng. I influence my roomate to eat our lovely mie goreng (she call it soup btw). She love it and now buy her own mie goreng hahahha. You better look our healthy food.



One Response to “I should stop stealing orange from MLC”

  1. hanna November 8, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    yayaaa.. banyak sekali cemilannya.. mauuuuu..hehehe..
    kuangennn deh ya.. hehehehe..

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