Lebanese floweeer

18 Nov

Ok, the journey has begun. We wanted to try some local food or let say gulf food that my instructur has recommended. It was near blue tower plaza, so we decided to walk to the restaurant and it was 45 degree C, it was damn hot baby. In the restaurant  no woman was there, it was awkward for us to be the only foreign girls who know nothing about that lebanese food. We opened the menu and we were lost in translation, they got kebab (i know that one), shawarma (i know that also), Kaffa, and any lebanese food (you named it, they have it). I asked the waiter about lebanese flower grill because it sounded nice and i was sure that it was the best dish from this restaurant, so i just gave a shot. He said it was great and it served many kinds of grill. Alma, she decided to have a chicken grill. They served an arabic bread for our appetizer, white sauce, lebanese salad, and arabic veggies. It was hard for us to not to laugh because we had no idea about all of those stuffs, we tried the veggies, and we kept make a funny face which means it tasted weird.


Here came out dish, they served a LAMB in front of me, i was faint for a while and thought how I am going to finish this stuffs. They gave me a LAMB, not A LAMB but, a grill LAMB, LAMB chopped, bread with LAMB, fried LAMB, every kinds of LAMB in a big portion. I HATE LAMB for sure 100%. Alma was laughing when she saw my face up side down. When her meal came, we were shocked, they gave her a half body of chicken. That was too much for us. And at the end, we werent finish our meal, we only ate like a quarter of that and went away. Lesson learn for that stupid unorganized plan was NEVER GO TO “you dont know what food are you gonna eat” ALONE. We realized that we had to invite our Arabian friend to save us next time. Lebanese foods are highly recommended for the people who loves LAMB.

PS: They have a GREAT-AWESOME lebanese cocktail 🙂 



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