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I dont think I can stand for SNOW

26 Dec

It was my first first snow ever and first time ski. It was so damn cold, I have no idea how could that russian people can stand for that cold weather lol. The cost for this ski, if you dare to try the “High Slope” is 200 DHS, but if you are a beginner like me, you can try the 1 hour course or snow paaaark. Me, Ylide and Lilia, girls who dont know how to ski, we try to take the “High Slope”, thanks to Alex who conivinced us that we can learn ski from SKI 101. Unfortunately we did not have the guts to slide, even to stand in the peak of the mountain, so in the end we took the course with kids, LOL. Now, we can slide and make a PIZZA to stop. Lesson number 1, if you want to stop, make a PIZZA, if you cant stop, just hit yourself to the tree or wall. It worked, LOL.

Sand, never thought that cold

23 Dec

It was an adventure of 7 friends in a desert. We went desert safary, yeeeey. It was a “must to go activity” for you guys if you visit MEA. The journey has began in the afternoon. We went to the desert to meet other people to go convoy. It was like a roller coaster on the land, you will feel you are going to die at that moment, but yet not. The sand was pretty, soft, and cold, it was another amazing of God’s creature. The whole package of this adventure was started with the desert mobile itself, then we went to a arabian camp. They have a camel there, free of charge riding, a motorbike, sometimes they have a skateboard, and the belly dancer. We went to see the arabian dancing with arabian song, it was funny that a guy is wearing a pink costume and turning his body for 30 minutes until the song end. The food was good, but not my favorite because I hate lamb a lot, but they have a chicken tho. Hyna is a must that u have to try for temporary tatoo. It was a trully recommended attraction once you visit MEA. Btw, always safety first and fasten your seat belt.

Last thing on my mind

5 Dec

Four o’clock in the morning
My mind’s filled with a thousand thoughts of you
And how you left without a warning
But looking back I’m sure you tried to talk it through

Now I see it clearly
We’re together but living separate lives

So wanna tell you I’m sorry
Baby I can’t find the words
But if I could, then you know I would, yeah

No I won’t let you go, know what we can be
I won’t watch my life, crashing down on me
Guess I had it all, right there before my eyes
Boy, I’m sorry now, you were the last thing on my mind

You carried me like a river
How far we’ve come still surprises me

And now I look in the mirror
Staring back is the woman
I used to be

With you
How I long for you

Boy I’m sorry I was wrong
Could have been there
Should have been so strong
So I’m sorry