Sand, never thought that cold

23 Dec

It was an adventure of 7 friends in a desert. We went desert safary, yeeeey. It was a “must to go activity” for you guys if you visit MEA. The journey has began in the afternoon. We went to the desert to meet other people to go convoy. It was like a roller coaster on the land, you will feel you are going to die at that moment, but yet not. The sand was pretty, soft, and cold, it was another amazing of God’s creature. The whole package of this adventure was started with the desert mobile itself, then we went to a arabian camp. They have a camel there, free of charge riding, a motorbike, sometimes they have a skateboard, and the belly dancer. We went to see the arabian dancing with arabian song, it was funny that a guy is wearing a pink costume and turning his body for 30 minutes until the song end. The food was good, but not my favorite because I hate lamb a lot, but they have a chicken tho. Hyna is a must that u have to try for temporary tatoo. It was a trully recommended attraction once you visit MEA. Btw, always safety first and fasten your seat belt.


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