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Its 03.00 AM and we start to pump

31 Jan

Lets go guys for safety meeting, the client is waiting for us at muster point. Suddenly everybody stood up and walked to the muster point. Ok, mr. client lets held the safety meeting. It was 03.00 and we finished mixing chemical and ready to pump. Safety meeting was done and..

Soraya, you call the job!

Whaaat?? I cant believe it, I did not prepare myself for that kind of task.

Its ok Ya, its not that bad, you can do it, someone start to talk.

So, where are you gonna be?


Hmm Ok, just wish me luck then.

Radio check, radio check, are you ready every body? Please line up for main job and confirm the valve. Wellhead valve is open, circulation line is close, and bleed of line is close. We were going to fill up tubing first with brine and once we got the pressure, switched to solvent preflush. I will inform you from fraccat. It was last for 1.5 hours, we could pump at 4bpm so it was quite fast. Client was asking me a lot of question during the job. DAMN you. Now i hope the production increase and they will happy to use our service. Good job guys. Thanks.

Last, they leave me again for the third times 😦

It was sad to be left behind. You can see it clearly through my eyes.

Living on a prayer

17 Jan


Time to find FOOD rather than LAMB

15 Jan

Chillis chillis..Thats resto really kills my diet, indeed.

It was not that deep, but it hurts

12 Jan

I thought it was just a game.

Good girl goes WILD

11 Jan

SuPERB Abu Dhabi mosque

7 Jan

I wonder how much money they spent for this awesome mosque. Also we need to wear an abaya to enter this mosque, they provide the abaya. It is better for you guys to visit before the prayer time.