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Dear Lord (1)

12 Apr

Lifes turns up side down lately and dear Lord:

I need a days off, one or two weeks to calibrate my eyes (LOL), my brain, my body, my soul and my way of thinking. Run away from this miserable life in a small tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Run away from reality that you have to move that big gigantism iron from place to place only with limited resources.  Each time I wake up thinking how to make everybody happy without jeopardize myself.  My friend said first year was the hardest time for you to realize everything in this tough business. It is tough-er than it should be. Said that white hat is that horrible tough, it is true, it is just a color but yet painful. I hope I can manage this life a bit happier so I will enjoy my day here. Lets just say there always a rainbow after the rain.

Lord, please let me find my way to deal with this life with someone to rely on.

I just want to go home

11 Apr

I miss my family

I miss my friends, partner in crime, mentors, and girls

I miss Java and the beauty of Bandung

I miss sleeping at KBC for real

I miss my 110 lbs

I miss my non-roller coaster life