Archive | May, 2010

Im sick of this situation

14 May

I want to go out from here. Help me please.

Dear Lord (2)

5 May

Waiting for a hug and a voice, “dont worry, everything is gonna be alright”

Lesson learn: Never planned your days off

4 May

Okay, first I already have my own dress for that wedding. I told everybody that I am going to come even I already have a date. I manage everything so I can loose 2 kg just to make my dress looks nice. And suddenly ‘they’ called for a frac. Damn you. I thought that they are still looking for macaroni tubing, so I am save. Twice in a row I can not make it to my bestfriend’s wedding. What a life.

Geeky guy_

1 May

You never know that  you have someone prototype in your head. You never realize that you always falling in love to the same type of guy.

Yes, that geeky one. The one who wearing a glasses. They looked smart though. So, you better watch  out geeky guy LOL.