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5 Days in Balikpapan

29 Jun

Five days, if I counted it out, it seems a long day, but if I fell asleep and I just passed the day and it was already days. I enjoyed 5 days in Balikpapan with a lot of jobs, at least I have another friend to be laughed on. So what I did just to make my day in Balikpapan worth was:

Day (1): Movieeeeeeeee all the way with my good good elementary, JHS, HS, and college’s friend.

Day (2): Basketball with buddies, work for 4 hours, and spent saturday night (finally) watching movieeee.

Day (3): Another office work on sunday (Damn man), badminton, SCRABBEL (hi, it was DRAW!!), and FIFA.

Day (4): Late at work

Day (5): Late late late late at work

Day (6): Tanjung, here I come. Hopefully this frac going to be success.

I promise I wont cry

22 Jun

I promise to myself I wont cry. I promise to myself I will accept this situtation. It just the matter who you are trying to deal with. It just the matter who you are trying to convince to. But then I failed.

Cotton candy definately cheer up my saturday night

19 Jun

Okay, after struggling with mr that wont let me go home. I finally made my mind to accept my destiny. Trying to make my life easier and happier. We went to Pasar Malam, aah I remember 17 years ago, my father always pushed me to go there. I dont why I dont like to go there, I mean it was fun though. We went to “tong edan”, it was a motorcycle attraction. The sounds was insane, we should bring our earplug instead. Well the happiest thing was I found my supa lovely cotton candy. Well then this how we spent our saturday night in Tanjung.

Bring up ur smile to 18 bpm

15 Jun