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Cousins got their tallent

31 Aug

Dear Lord (2)

20 Aug

Wish list for August, and dear lord:

(1) I wish I could spend my birthday in Balikpapan, enjoying time in the city with best friends.

(2) I wish this frac will go smooth and client will sign for the tickets right away so my manager will happy to sign my bonus hihihihi.

(3) I wish I could come home for eid, then go to singapore with my family. Hahhaha my family rocks.

(4) I wish my client will give me a fix rig schedule so I can maintain my crew and we can go for fun in Banjarmasin.

(5) I wish Balikpapan – Tanjung will built a new road so my butt will not be hurt after 8 hours driving.

(6) I wish cupcakes and tarts dont contain a lot of calories, so I can have it all for my 2010 diet’s menu.

(7) I wish I will have a great wedding, white, purple and pink color for decoration, so I can stop my stalking behaviour for God sake. Thanks to Verta and Yolanda who spread marriage virus all over Manggar base. Opik, thanks to the good picture, I will take that sea truck and be there before next year Ramadhan hahaahha.

(8) I wish I could go to my second school in US next year, even though it will be a dead winter night, but I can manage to go to disneylaaaaand and six flags.

(9) I wish October will come soon.

(10) And dear Lord, I wish you will listen to my prayer 😉

Its you who make us stronger

19 Aug

Hi, potluck at KBC 34. I will see you there and bring your best shot mate. I call them friends, best friends, rivals, mate, partner, mentor, and of course family. Tears and sorrow always be a happy smile and laugh at the end of the day. Counting offshores and remote location, day by day, what really make u stronger because you believe, when you come back, they will wait for you and celebrate. Love.

Even cinderella will go home in 45 minutes

14 Aug

We are just about to pump at 00.00, look at my eyes, it cannot stand to open anymore. I am just too sleepy, that the fact that i can not stand for gravel pack job. Zone 5 after tubing pickle, operation went well and ready to sleep.

Gotcha you small fish

11 Aug

Girls at the barge

10 Aug

Well hei, it is weird to have a lot of girls in one job. And it is lovely to have them around. The hot topic between girls is marriage, since Yolanda is getting married in October and Verta in February. Yeaah right, it is become a virus in Schlumberger. Like two days ago, one of the SMS gufy proposed his girlfriend, one of the CTS girl married with TST guy, and the rest of the people, they are already have their own plan, what a life.

Okay, I am not trying to be a traitor to work in offshore, I am sorry Tanjung, I have to leave you guys for a while. Everytime I go to Aquaria, it reminds my preschool life when everything was beautiful. No rush, doing the job with a lot of people around, laugh and jokes. But now, since we have 5 fleets, it is not going to be the same again. Everybody is separated from friends and pals. I am trying to get used to it since this what a service company do. Now I am enjoying my ‘vacation’ at the barge with the girls, but still receiving an order from the big boss.

A bit color to brightened up your day

9 Aug

I took a half day off, I know there are still a lot of works to be done but lets have some fun with the girls. We made a cupcakes and everybody loved it. I will make you one later on.