Girls at the barge

10 Aug

Well hei, it is weird to have a lot of girls in one job. And it is lovely to have them around. The hot topic between girls is marriage, since Yolanda is getting married in October and Verta in February. Yeaah right, it is become a virus in Schlumberger. Like two days ago, one of the SMS gufy proposed his girlfriend, one of the CTS girl married with TST guy, and the rest of the people, they are already have their own plan, what a life.

Okay, I am not trying to be a traitor to work in offshore, I am sorry Tanjung, I have to leave you guys for a while. Everytime I go to Aquaria, it reminds my preschool life when everything was beautiful. No rush, doing the job with a lot of people around, laugh and jokes. But now, since we have 5 fleets, it is not going to be the same again. Everybody is separated from friends and pals. I am trying to get used to it since this what a service company do. Now I am enjoying my ‘vacation’ at the barge with the girls, but still receiving an order from the big boss.


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