Dear Lord (2)

20 Aug

Wish list for August, and dear lord:

(1) I wish I could spend my birthday in Balikpapan, enjoying time in the city with best friends.

(2) I wish this frac will go smooth and client will sign for the tickets right away so my manager will happy to sign my bonus hihihihi.

(3) I wish I could come home for eid, then go to singapore with my family. Hahhaha my family rocks.

(4) I wish my client will give me a fix rig schedule so I can maintain my crew and we can go for fun in Banjarmasin.

(5) I wish Balikpapan – Tanjung will built a new road so my butt will not be hurt after 8 hours driving.

(6) I wish cupcakes and tarts dont contain a lot of calories, so I can have it all for my 2010 diet’s menu.

(7) I wish I will have a great wedding, white, purple and pink color for decoration, so I can stop my stalking behaviour for God sake. Thanks to Verta and Yolanda who spread marriage virus all over Manggar base. Opik, thanks to the good picture, I will take that sea truck and be there before next year Ramadhan hahaahha.

(8) I wish I could go to my second school in US next year, even though it will be a dead winter night, but I can manage to go to disneylaaaaand and six flags.

(9) I wish October will come soon.

(10) And dear Lord, I wish you will listen to my prayer 😉


One Response to “Dear Lord (2)”

  1. diaryfromjapan August 23, 2010 at 3:01 am #

    like it, ya…
    happy birthday, anyway…

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