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5 must have items as a field engineer

13 Sep

Ok, despite of the PPE for safety’s sake, there are several things field engineer needs to have to survive in the operation.

(1) Tally book, indeed, that is the most important thing you need to have. In case client, mentor, crew or trainee is asking about things that you only learn when you were a trainee, you can find the answer.

(2) Pen, not hammer nor grease.

(3) Calculator, I thought I wont use my super expensive scientific calculator anymore but well it has not to be that scientific for location wise. Still u need calculator to compensate your rusty brain.

(4) pH paper, it always not come for a compromise if you deal with fluids. You need a certain number of pH to make the fluid as good as you expected unless you want to dump that bloody 500 bbls of broken gel. How could you charge your client then? hihihihi.

(5) Last but not least, DALO marker. To make your inventory life more easier than ever.

Maybe, i forget something, but basicly that the things that you need to carry in the field. When it comes to a town, I will change that 5 things to  comb, lipbalm, compac powder, parfume, and mirror. Hmm but I dont think so, do you?


Can’t stop lovin’ you – Van Halen

12 Sep
There’s a time and place for everything. For everyone. You can push with all your might, but nothing’s gonna come. Oh no, nothing’s gonna change. And if I asked you not to try. Oh, could you let it be? I wanna hold you and say, “We can’t throw this all away”. Tell me you won’t go. You won’t go. Do you have to hear me say. I can’t stop lovin’ you. No matter what I say or do. You know my heart is true, I can’t stop lovin’ you. You can change your friends. Your place in life. You can change your mind. We can change the things we say, and do it anytime. Oh no, but I think you’ll find. That when you look inside your heart. Oh baby, I’ll be there, Yeah. Hold on, I’m holdin’ on. Baby, just come on, come on, come on. I just wanna hear you say. I can’t stop lovin’ you. No matter what you say or do. You know my heart is true. I can’t stop lovin’ you. Oh, so twisted and tied. And all I remembered. Was how hard we tried. Only to surrender. And when it’s over. I know how it’s gonna be. But true love will never die. Oh, nor fade away.  And I can’t stop lovin’ you. No matter what I say or do. You know my heart is true. Oh, I can’t stop lovin’ you. And I know what I’ve got to do. Hey Dear, what you said is true. I can’t stop lovin’ you. Oh, I can’t stop lovin’ you

Twice in a row, and here Im alone for Eid

3 Sep

The good old days over years ago.

Eid 2008, Banda Aceh

Eid 2005, Solo

Eid 2009, Bandung