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One fine weekend

18 Oct

We went to Bukit Bangkirai, me, Ajeng, Intan, Terry, Novi, Jati, and Adri. After a quick batagor breakfast at Mba Ina’s house we went for 2 hours trip to Bukit Bangkirai. It was 500 m walking to the site and then here came the famous canopy bridge.

Ps: Love is coming to town!


I love you mom :)

8 Oct

About a couple days ago I rang my mom on the phone. She was in Bandung right now since it was weekdays. Well actually I miss her so much, I miss my family, and for sure I miss you dear. I shared a lot of stuff regarding my worklife, my friends, my twin’s boyfriend, and everything. And suddenly I said, Mom, how did it feel when you have to move to Rumbai at the very first time? I know I have the same feeling with you 24 years back. Should I find a job in Jakarta? I felt alone here, well actually I never had the intention to say that, it was okay for the first year because I was in Balikpapan. My friends are there, good life, good friend. The world was changing, the business was changing, they sent me to a remote location called Tanjung, I dont mind actually, it was the same with offshore, you go there and you come back to Balikpapan for couple days then you go again. But what I miss so much was the day that you know you can come home. Mom said I need to hang in there and think that this work¬† give you a lot of experience, even it made me mature enough to deal with people.

At the end of our conversation I said, Mom how about if I want to get married next year. And we started to laugh ūüôā I love you mom :*


You better watch your step

6 Oct

After a month relaxing in Aquaria, an offshore location, I almost forget how to walk on land operation. And finally I fell down into a mud.  Or maybe it happened because  I gained too much weight *noooo*. Stupid and silly, I did it just in front of my crew and my boss :). Now, I have to clean that rubber boot. I was the only one girl and I was the one who have a dirty shoes. My crew just loves their shoes very much.

There will be another zone to frac and I still have 2 more reports to be made and 1 proposal. What a life! Btw, 10 days more to go, wooohooo. Pray for the best.

A small treat for the crew

3 Oct

Its a wrap guys, finished zone 1 and lets go eat satay!! said me to the crew. After a long waiting 14 hours towing from Tunu to Handil, finally we made it. A step on the ground and straight go to have satay. We still have more well to run guys so you better straightened up your bones and ready for next job, with or without me. I hope I will be there though for at least 3 more wells.

A lil bit celebration for everyone

2 Oct

Thank God I was in Balikpapan for my birthday. Well even it was on my way to go back to Balikpapan from Tanjung. I got a lil surprise from Tanjung crew, it was fun to have all the flour and eggs in my face, even they punched me with a rice and my birthday cake. Thanks guys, I was really greatful to have you around. Also my housemates¬†were really nice, they gave me a tiramisu cake,¬†you know I missed you so much guys. These days, i was surrounded by lovely friends, and it made my day a lot more easier here. I love you guys. This bussiness is killing us, but you know you have friends to share with. The most important thing, I know I have ‘you’.

PS: I got a call from ‘you know who’ on my birthday, wooohooo *happy happy