I love you mom :)

8 Oct

About a couple days ago I rang my mom on the phone. She was in Bandung right now since it was weekdays. Well actually I miss her so much, I miss my family, and for sure I miss you dear. I shared a lot of stuff regarding my worklife, my friends, my twin’s boyfriend, and everything. And suddenly I said, Mom, how did it feel when you have to move to Rumbai at the very first time? I know I have the same feeling with you 24 years back. Should I find a job in Jakarta? I felt alone here, well actually I never had the intention to say that, it was okay for the first year because I was in Balikpapan. My friends are there, good life, good friend. The world was changing, the business was changing, they sent me to a remote location called Tanjung, I dont mind actually, it was the same with offshore, you go there and you come back to Balikpapan for couple days then you go again. But what I miss so much was the day that you know you can come home. Mom said I need to hang in there and think that this work  give you a lot of experience, even it made me mature enough to deal with people.

At the end of our conversation I said, Mom how about if I want to get married next year. And we started to laugh 🙂 I love you mom :*



2 Responses to “I love you mom :)”

  1. zia November 2, 2010 at 2:49 pm #

    pacar kau kembar?

  2. olga November 21, 2010 at 3:56 am #

    zia gak yang udh punya pacar sekarang? 😉

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