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It is sweeter than a devil’s cake

26 Nov

Thats what I called my life lately, thanks to you sweetheart.

You still owe me a cupcakes!

Dad, I am still your little girl <3

22 Nov

Time goes by so fast and here I am in the middle of the line between a girl and a woman. I know you think that I am still a kid. I know that you are sad because I was too far from home lately. I know that it has been some time that we havent talk a lot. And suddenly I want to take a big step in my life. I believe deep down inside your heart, you trust him for making my life wonderful. He will take care of me like you do when I was a little  girl, cause I know I am still your little girl. I just have a dream to live and I need your blessing to make my first step, Dad.

I would say, skype is the best invention so far

20 Nov

I always miss you dear 🙂