Its really a one fine Sunday

3 Mar

I flew from Abu Dhabi on Feb 18th and arrived in Jakarta Feb 19th, and the engagement party was on Feb 20th. I was so excited yet scared about everything. I did not prepare anyting, I left it to my family, everything, the dress, food, invitation, the party itself, even for my wedding ring which I really love it! The show went well, but for the God’s sake I had to talk in front of everybody. My Dad, was so silly, he said that the kids need to say what they really plan to and why, “big O” it was just like you told the world that you love him which was TRUE! hihihihihi So he made a speech and so do I, I guessed I turned red, I was so embarrassed. But at the end of the day, I was so happy, everything went well. We had fun and celebrate! I want to say THAAAAAAAAAAANKS alot for my fiance ihihihihi, for giving me such a wonderful life lately, my mom and dad for arranging all the engagement party, my twin sister who was the EO and be the “standby and supportive” person  in terms of everything hihihihi my bff schoolmate who always there during my “i will die part 1” momment, my college friend who was coming, and to all my big family. So guys, I will need your help for Oct, 1st. See you there!


One Response to “Its really a one fine Sunday”

  1. selvyna March 3, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

    hai cantiiiiiiiiiiiiik, congratulatiooooooooooooooon…!!

    maaf gak bisa dateng waktu itu 😦

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