Fine city nearby, arrival day.

29 Mar

Only 1.5 hours flight from Jakarta, and it was totally different place. We went to Singapore for weekend gateaway 🙂 Actually, my boss suddenly said, ok Soraya go for vacation after this job about one week. I was like ooow ooooww huge thaaaaaaanks boss. Since my sister really wanted to watch the lion king show ( she was even said, if i did not have a companion to watch it, at least i would watch disney on ice in Jakarta), so we made a plan to go there. I booked a flight from Jakarta to Singapore on Saturday (new cc woohoo!) well, it was an expensive one though, damn it! we shoud have bought th cheaper one if the plan was like 2 weeks ago. So, there were me, my fiance (hihihihi), and my sister. We tried to have another partner to come but then, the schedule was too tight and everybody was cancled, but still we had so much fun.

Arrived at 10.00 Singapore time (which is also Balikpapan time) terminal 1, we tried to find the MRT to buy the EZ-link card for my fiance. Amazed with the so well and so tidy, my fiance went silly hihihi. We took a taxi to my cousin house near Bedok (whereever it was i didnot know), and we found the apartment (my sister was so goood on remembering places). Met all the cute nephews, they called us Om and Tantes (plural) hahhha, they were so adoralble I will post their picture later. And after a small chitchat and little briyani rice, we were so ready for Orchard road 🙂

One Response to “Fine city nearby, arrival day.”

  1. Pramadia Adhie Lazuardi May 16, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    kamu FE juga? cementing ya 🙂 be strong, be tough, be smart and be safe.. cheers up always 🙂

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