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Stimulation and completion united with food!

31 Jul

First of all I want to congratulate to my dear partner Yolanda for her promotion and her support for this team building :). Well it was a very very right time since our boss was not around and we could celebrate! Since she is an SMS so she is part of stimulation and part of  completion so everybody is invited. There was not too many people around, it was busy time for both segment actually but at least I was there woohoo.


Its Barbeque night, finally

1 Feb

After a quite 2 weeks eating arabian and indian food in MLC, we finally had a nice outside barbeque woohooo. Seven o’clock, hallway! meet up for barbeque party. So me, Nelson, Tim, and Grant went to have a nice dinner party below the moonlight, it was not a romantic one though, yeah you wish hihihi. They served fish, beef, and chicken grill! also with all of the superb cake, cappucino and choclate cake aaaaand coke, yes a coke. We ate outside in the brezzy cold dessert, thank God no sand strom that night, or the party would be over. We were really looking forward to some other food, maybe mexican or chinese food would be nice hihihihi, well I couldnt really ask for Indonesian food, so I did not mind to have other food rather than briyani :).

A small treat for the crew

3 Oct

Its a wrap guys, finished zone 1 and lets go eat satay!! said me to the crew. After a long waiting 14 hours towing from Tunu to Handil, finally we made it. A step on the ground and straight go to have satay. We still have more well to run guys so you better straightened up your bones and ready for next job, with or without me. I hope I will be there though for at least 3 more wells.

A bit color to brightened up your day

9 Aug

I took a half day off, I know there are still a lot of works to be done but lets have some fun with the girls. We made a cupcakes and everybody loved it. I will make you one later on.

Just for dinner

14 Feb


To fulfill my 2010 resolution

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have”

8 Feb

Bestfriend, cupcakes, loves, and gossip are one in a kind

Time to find FOOD rather than LAMB

15 Jan

Chillis chillis..Thats resto really kills my diet, indeed.