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Fine city nearby, arrival day.

29 Mar

Only 1.5 hours flight from Jakarta, and it was totally different place. We went to Singapore for weekend gateaway 🙂 Actually, my boss suddenly said, ok Soraya go for vacation after this job about one week. I was like ooow ooooww huge thaaaaaaanks boss. Since my sister really wanted to watch the lion king show ( she was even said, if i did not have a companion to watch it, at least i would watch disney on ice in Jakarta), so we made a plan to go there. I booked a flight from Jakarta to Singapore on Saturday (new cc woohoo!) well, it was an expensive one though, damn it! we shoud have bought th cheaper one if the plan was like 2 weeks ago. So, there were me, my fiance (hihihihi), and my sister. We tried to have another partner to come but then, the schedule was too tight and everybody was cancled, but still we had so much fun.

Arrived at 10.00 Singapore time (which is also Balikpapan time) terminal 1, we tried to find the MRT to buy the EZ-link card for my fiance. Amazed with the so well and so tidy, my fiance went silly hihihi. We took a taxi to my cousin house near Bedok (whereever it was i didnot know), and we found the apartment (my sister was so goood on remembering places). Met all the cute nephews, they called us Om and Tantes (plural) hahhha, they were so adoralble I will post their picture later. And after a small chitchat and little briyani rice, we were so ready for Orchard road 🙂

Its Barbeque night, finally

1 Feb

After a quite 2 weeks eating arabian and indian food in MLC, we finally had a nice outside barbeque woohooo. Seven o’clock, hallway! meet up for barbeque party. So me, Nelson, Tim, and Grant went to have a nice dinner party below the moonlight, it was not a romantic one though, yeah you wish hihihi. They served fish, beef, and chicken grill! also with all of the superb cake, cappucino and choclate cake aaaaand coke, yes a coke. We ate outside in the brezzy cold dessert, thank God no sand strom that night, or the party would be over. We were really looking forward to some other food, maybe mexican or chinese food would be nice hihihihi, well I couldnt really ask for Indonesian food, so I did not mind to have other food rather than briyani :).

Escaping the dessert, Ferari World for sunday

24 Jan

Okay, for your information I had a bad day on Sunday. Lets not talk about it anyway. So, I influenced all my classmate, bassicly I was whinning to them to go to see the world’s fastest roller coaster, it is 240 km/hr for God’s sake. We travelled about 30 minutes from MLC to Yas Island, where the Ferari World was. Since the arcade had not complete yet, we need to pay 195 AED instead 225 AED to play inside the arcade. It was so cool, there were a lot of Ferari Car, from the red one to the gray batman one. We went there for almost half day, well it was suitable for MLC schedule, they opened at 12 PM and closed at 12 AM. It was worth to try all the roller coaster. Formula Rossa is one of the amazing roller coaster there, not to mention scuderia challenge that really made you feel dizzy. It was a racing simulator, well just an ordinary simulator, but I did not understand what they did, so at the end of the race you felt dizzy hihihi. We tried Fiorano GT Challenge also, it was two sets of roller coaster in a race. It was a sprint race at 95 km/hr between two groups and you better won this time.

One fine weekend

18 Oct

We went to Bukit Bangkirai, me, Ajeng, Intan, Terry, Novi, Jati, and Adri. After a quick batagor breakfast at Mba Ina’s house we went for 2 hours trip to Bukit Bangkirai. It was 500 m walking to the site and then here came the famous canopy bridge.

Ps: Love is coming to town!

Twice in a row, and here Im alone for Eid

3 Sep

The good old days over years ago.

Eid 2008, Banda Aceh

Eid 2005, Solo

Eid 2009, Bandung

Time to find FOOD rather than LAMB

15 Jan

Chillis chillis..Thats resto really kills my diet, indeed.

Good girl goes WILD

11 Jan