Its really a one fine Sunday

3 Mar

I flew from Abu Dhabi on Feb 18th and arrived in Jakarta Feb 19th, and the engagement party was on Feb 20th. I was so excited yet scared about everything. I did not prepare anyting, I left it to my family, everything, the dress, food, invitation, the party itself, even for my wedding ring which I really love it! The show went well, but for the God’s sake I had to talk in front of everybody. My Dad, was so silly, he said that the kids need to say what they really plan to and why, “big O” it was just like you told the world that you love him which was TRUE! hihihihihi So he made a speech and so do I, I guessed I turned red, I was so embarrassed. But at the end of the day, I was so happy, everything went well. We had fun and celebrate! I want to say THAAAAAAAAAAANKS alot for my fiance ihihihihi, for giving me such a wonderful life lately, my mom and dad for arranging all the engagement party, my twin sister who was the EO and be the “standby and supportive” person  in terms of everything hihihihi my bff schoolmate who always there during my “i will die part 1” momment, my college friend who was coming, and to all my big family. So guys, I will need your help for Oct, 1st. See you there!


Yes Love, you always there ;p

6 Feb

Its Barbeque night, finally

1 Feb

After a quite 2 weeks eating arabian and indian food in MLC, we finally had a nice outside barbeque woohooo. Seven o’clock, hallway! meet up for barbeque party. So me, Nelson, Tim, and Grant went to have a nice dinner party below the moonlight, it was not a romantic one though, yeah you wish hihihi. They served fish, beef, and chicken grill! also with all of the superb cake, cappucino and choclate cake aaaaand coke, yes a coke. We ate outside in the brezzy cold dessert, thank God no sand strom that night, or the party would be over. We were really looking forward to some other food, maybe mexican or chinese food would be nice hihihihi, well I couldnt really ask for Indonesian food, so I did not mind to have other food rather than briyani :).

I am taken already world!

26 Jan

I was proposed with a “very non romantic ever” hihihi (blame Schlumberger, sorry Love). The rest of our love story was romantic btw, for the airport rendezvous, weekend gateaway, and family roadshow :). Since I had my training in Abu Dhabi for 6 weeks, I was not able to prepare anything for my engagement party, it was totaly my beloved mom and sister work. I owed them a lot, from the dress ( I have to loose 10 lbs for my beauty sake hihihi), food (please serve  my favorite dish Mom), decoration, I left everything to them. Not to mention the engagement ring, I am so sorry love I cannot be there hihihi, and thanks to technology, we managed to choose the beautiful one :). I can not wait for 20th February, see you there Love, on 18th! I will be home soon.

Escaping the dessert, Ferari World for sunday

24 Jan

Okay, for your information I had a bad day on Sunday. Lets not talk about it anyway. So, I influenced all my classmate, bassicly I was whinning to them to go to see the world’s fastest roller coaster, it is 240 km/hr for God’s sake. We travelled about 30 minutes from MLC to Yas Island, where the Ferari World was. Since the arcade had not complete yet, we need to pay 195 AED instead 225 AED to play inside the arcade. It was so cool, there were a lot of Ferari Car, from the red one to the gray batman one. We went there for almost half day, well it was suitable for MLC schedule, they opened at 12 PM and closed at 12 AM. It was worth to try all the roller coaster. Formula Rossa is one of the amazing roller coaster there, not to mention scuderia challenge that really made you feel dizzy. It was a racing simulator, well just an ordinary simulator, but I did not understand what they did, so at the end of the race you felt dizzy hihihi. We tried Fiorano GT Challenge also, it was two sets of roller coaster in a race. It was a sprint race at 95 km/hr between two groups and you better won this time.

A companion

10 Jan

Living inside Dormitory, feels like student

8 Jan

They moved the apartment to big white elegant dorm. As I enter the room, I was amazed, hmm nice choice, with white paint, white bedcover and little bit wooden touch. Well hopefully this 1.5 month will be fun. Still I miss you already love.